3 Simple Tips for Safe Computing

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3 Simple Tips for Safe Computing

Make sure you have a backup, perform system updates, and use caution when on the internet. Follow these 3 simple tips and your computing experience will be safer, more enjoyable, and stress free!

1. Backup, Backup, BACKUP!

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Is your backup solution truly effective? If you are only backing up to an external hard drive you are taking a huge risk with your files. What happens if your house or business catches on fire and both your computer and backup hard drive are destroyed? An online backup solution solves this problem and we can help you navigate the many options out there.

2. Do System Updates Regularly

No operating system is perfect so from time to time people discover weaknesses and vulnerabilities that put your data at risk. Sometimes the good guys find the flaws before the bad guys but as complex as computers are now days ultimately a bad guy is going to find and exploit weaknesses in your computers operating system. It is vital to keep your system up-to-date to prevent those vulnerabilities from being exploited by criminals looking for your information. Our Silver and Gold Proactive Care Plans can take care of this for you automagically.

3. Use Email and the Internet Safely

We all get SPAM email filling up our inboxes and while some are benign others contain dangerous attachments that spread nasty viruses to your entire address book if not handled properly. Ignore unsolicited email and even be cautious about forwards from your friends because that is the most popular way for viruses to spread.

If you want to download something from the internet, make sure it is from a reputable company, and yes reputable software does tend to cost money but its better to pay a few bucks for legitimate software than risk your identity and privacy. If you ever have questions about a download being safe, please give us a call and we would be happy to help. We would rather prevent you from getting a virus than have to charge you to remove a virus. The geeks would never tell you that!


Your PC Magician is here to help. If you need help setting up an online backup, automating your system updates with our Proactive Care Plan or have questions about safety and security on the web, just send us an email or give us a call.