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YPM letters

Your PC Magician, LLC began in July 2014 and our mission is to provide personal tech support and solutions. Yes, we put emphasis on personal. Unfortunately the IT services business has not always had the greatest reputation. Much like in the auto repair industry, the biggest hurdle between the IT company and the customer is trust and understanding. The lack of trust in the computer industry generally comes from a lack of knowledge and therefore the customer is either made to feel dumb or like they are being taken advantage of by a fast talking squad of computer geeks.

How we are different:

We focus on building a relationship with our clients based on trust. We love fixing things (and it’s the majority of our business) but in addition we get incredible joy out of teaching you and revealing a certain MAGIC within your technology and helping you discover how technology can contribute to you life. We are a business but making money is not our only goal. We believe that if you trust us with your technology you will want to and be happy to pay for our services. But it begins with TRUST.

Our clientele:

Our clientele ranges from the young generation that has grown up with technology surrounding them, to the older generation who is getting their first iPad or laptop. We can fix the iPhone that was stepped on during soccer practice or help you setup a new laptop and teach you how to browse the internet. No matter your technology needs, we are your go to company.


We offer a 30 day part/labor warranty against manufacturer defects. This warranty does not apply to any other part of the device but the part that has been serviced by us. This warranty does not cover accidental damage (drops, cracked screens, spills) or damage caused by power surges. This warranty becomes void if additional damage is caused to the device after being serviced. We document the condition of the device before and after service.


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