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Should I Upgrade or Buy a New Computer?

Well, it depends – mostly on who you’re asking! A department store salesman will always recommend a new one, but when you get down to the nitty gritty with a trained technician, you’ll often discover you have more (and cheaper) options than you thought. Start by taking stock of what you’ve got. Sometimes an upgrade simply isn’t worth the trouble…

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Why Do People Create Viruses?

You’d be right in thinking it’s hard to program a computer virus that can spread across the world in a flash – we’re talking days of constant desk-jockey nerd-work. So why do they bother? Well, it generally comes down to 3 reasons: Money, showing off their skill, or to simply being a jerk. While showing off or being a jerk…

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When and Why You Should Use Remote Support

If you’ve ever had a sudden computer problem, you know it can be very stressful. So much of our day-to-day life requires having access to a working computer. Homework, budgeting, bills, even browsing dinner recipes all have a degree of urgency that mean dealing with a broken computer isn’t comfortable for long. Your computer technician offers two options: remote repair…

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Internet Lingo 101: Cheat Sheet For Beginners

Browser A browser is a free piece of software that lets you view web pages, videos and other online content. It’s a core requirement of going online, as it converts the computer languages HTML, Javascript and XML into human-readable form. The most popular browsers in 2017 are Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge*. (*Internet Explorer has been superseded and…

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Windows 10 is Coming July 29… Are you ready?

Microsoft’s new operating system will be downloaded automatically so get your system prepared before time runs out. In order to make a smooth transition to Microsoft’s new operating system you need to make sure you’re computer is ready.

Guide to Safer (and Faster) Browsing

I bet most of your computer time is spent surfing the web but how much time do you really spend thinking about the information you are sharing each time you connect? Most modern browsers have privacy settings and features like “Extensions” or “Add-Ons” that can enhance your security and experience. You may wonder what settings really matter and why browser…

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