Did you know a new website is in your budget?

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Did you know a new website is in your budget?

Did you know that a new website is within your budget? At Your PC Magician we strive to work with all budgets to provide the best bang for your buck when it comes to web design. Your website is your most valuable employee, works 24/7 and never complains, make sure you aren’t hurting your business by not taking advantage of this resource.

Why A Website is Necessary

1. It’s your gateway to the world

Where else can you join the global market better and faster than the internet? If you sell ANYTHING then you know that you must make yourself available and visible in the market. Your website is your storefront even if you don’t sell anything directly, people need to see that you exist and more than ever they turn to the internet to find products and services before even stepping out their door.

2. Brand recognition

Coca-Cola, BMW, Chick-Fil-A, Walmart; I bet you can see the logos in your head just by hearing those names. Like a good neighbor, ______ ____ is there. If you can fill in the blank above then that company has successfully implanted their brand in your mind.

This is brand recognition and it is critical to the success of your business. When people think about your industry do you want your name to be what people think of? I KNOW I DO! In order to penetrate the market with your brand you must invest in online marketing and that includes social media, advertising and a great looking and well branded website. It’s more harmful than helpful to throw together one of those free websites and think that you have done your job. Those free website builders cannot capture the true essence of your business because they are built for the masses. You are unique and your website should stand out from the crowd and when it does, people talk… and people can see your logo when they hear your name.

Don’t let your brand be forgettable!

3. Inexpensive, Effective Advertising

A website is the most inexpensive marketing tool. That’s why we started this article telling you that a website is within your budget. You may think that a custom designed website is going to cost thousands and thousands of dollars and while yes, some websites do cost that much a basic business website with some simple customizations and features isn’t going to cost nearly that much.

A good website will ultimately make you money, not cost you money!

Nothing defines or builds your brand like a website does. If you think about the proliferation of internet users in the world you will see how not having a great website is going to end up costing you money in lost sales, and it probably already has.

Maybe you don’t have a business but know someone who does OR you visited a friend’s website and think it could use some help. If that is the case then please forward along this newsletter. We believe in helping others and building custom solutions that are able to accommodate any size budget so don’t be afraid to at least reach out for a consultation.

Your PC Magician is here to serve you. Let us know how we can help build your brand on the web!