Small Business

Sometimes an IT project requires more than off-the-shelf solutions. Your business deserves personalized attention from a company that provides a holistic approach to every detail of your project.

Small Business

Imagine not having to worry about your computers. Imagine not needing to give a second thought to viruses, hackers, upgrades, maintenance, patches, or the myriads of other ongoing computer maintenance needs.

We can proactively watch for things that could take your business down. Don’t wait until you have a problem, let us monitor and warn you of problems ahead of time! We watch your systems for you and let you know of potential problems, usually long before they become a crisis.


  • Consultancy, support and advice to help you make the most wise IT investments for your business
  • Implementing security measures to keep your data safe from hackers and intruders
  • Network management and troubleshooting to keep you up and running as often as possible
  • 24/7 server and workstation monitoring and maintenance so you can focus on your business and not your IT

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