Data Recovery

It’s never fun when you lose your data due to accidental deletion or hardware failure but if it does happen, we’ve got you covered!

Data Recovery

A good backup solution is key to not needing a specialized Data Recovery service but in the case where you have irreplaceable documents, photos or videos on a failed hard drive we can potentially recover those files for you.

If you begin to notice the following symptoms on your computer, you should immediately shut down your device and contact us to diagnose a potential hard drive failure.

  • Clicking, whirring, buzzing, beeping noise coming from the hard drive
  • Hard drive not recognized
  • Computer not booting
  • Files are corrupt
  • Signs of physical damage

The sooner you address the issue the higher the chances of a successful recovery. Failing hard drives get progressively worse with continued use.

Our policy is NO DATA, NO CHARGE.

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How long will it take?

A typical data recovery job will take 2-4 weeks from when we receive the drive to when you get your files back. This depends on many factors including how the data was lost (water, power surge, fire, deletion, etc), make and model of hard drive, and the amount of data to recover.

Am I guaranteed to get back 100% of my files?

In short, no. We strive to recover 99% of your files or if you have specific files that you know of we will attempt to recover those 100% without corruption. If we cannot recover anything then there is no charge for the diagnostic. Shipping charges to and from the data recovery lab may apply.

Ok, so I lost some very important data. How do I prevent this from happening again?

By signing up for a cloud backup solution, like our Proactive Care Plus plan which includes unlimited online backup.