Windows 10 is Coming July 29… Are you ready?

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Windows 10 is Coming July 29… Are you ready?

Get Windows 10
Microsoft’s new operating system will be downloaded automatically so get your system prepared before time runs out.

In order to make a smooth transition to Microsoft’s new operating system you need to make sure you’re computer is ready.

As with any operating system upgrade you should always backup your system first. This ensures that if any problems happen with the upgrade that you can revert back to how your computer was before the upgrade. After the upgrade you may be presented with a host of software and driver incompatibilities. Many hardware providers will be updating their drivers but they will likely need to be downloaded manually from your computer manufacturer’s website.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is essentially forcing this upgrade on most computers without giving you the option of opting out so we’d like to handle the upgrade process for you.

Windows 10 Upgrade Special

We will:

  1. Backup your data to a 1TB external hard drive
  2. Install Windows 10
  3. Troubleshoot any software or driver issues after the upgrade
  4. Verify your files are still intact and key programs still work


Service + 1TB hard drive – $197
Service Only (you provide hard drive) – $127